IQs & EQs of politicians

During the Janata wave in the late 70's everyone had joined the new Party . Only one MLA was left in the opposition bench. He was asked by his colleagues to come to the treasury bench. He simply told them that someone must be the watchman otherwise even the benches will be taken away. Later on he became the Chief Minister of the State, not once but five times.You know who he was ?
One Chief Minister of the State could not expedite the transfer of an employee after accepting the gratitude money( by a family member) in advance. When the person came to him and wanted to redeem the gratitude money as he could not do the needful. CM told the gentleman that "have you ever seen a bullet coming back to the gun after it has been fired". The gentleman could understand the intention of the leader, he went back empty handed. But his work was done as promised by the leader. The same leader always maintained that as long as Meiteis remain liberal and big hearted this land will always remain prosperous and peaceful.
Again a Kuki-Chin leader also opines that we had Naga CM, Pangan CM, and Meitei CMs ; we are yet to see a Kuki CM . We believe that too will happen in future. He also says, Meiteis should be a little more lenient  and accommodative. The leader is perhaps one of the Kuki politicians having maximum friends across ethnic lines. Guess who ?
Robert Mugabe once said, " Racism will never end as long as white card are still using black tyres. Racism will never end if people still use black to symbolize bad luck white for peace. Racism will never end if people still wear white clothes to weddings and black clothes to funerals. Racism will never end as long as those who don't pay bills are blacklisted not white listed.Even when you play snooker you have sunk the black ball and the white ball must remain on the table. But I don't care as long as I am still using white toilet paper to wipe my black ass."
In the British Parliament Library a young MP came to the librarian  and asked , " Do you have the book called 'Honest Politicians'?"An elderly MP was also present there , before the librarian could reply to the new MP, he told the young MP " Sir, fictions and comics are not subscribed here". The elderly MP was none other than Lord Leopold ( not sure ).
He was never a snob and was always at ease with the  Hoi polloi. We are talking about George Fernandez, a well read politician.He was the defence minister of the country , once he said , " India's number one enemy is China ". That time perhaps nobody took him seriously. Some leaders even mocked at him for unnecessarily racking up the issue . He was more knowledgeable and intelligent than those who flayed him. Only a very few leaders could comprehend his apprehensions.
Khushwant Singh wrote somewhere in his 'Big book of Malice' - Henry Kissinger was hundred percent right when he said that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. So we find so many successful politicians compulsive womanisers. Again I read somewhere that Emperor Akbar had  three hundred wives/concubines. Even Mao had 13 wives ( counting can't be accurate ). Our Chandrakriti Maharaj also had many Queens. That might be the reason why many leaders all over the world having wives and mistresses. We are no exception. Emotional quotient of our leaders are quite high. It can be ascertained from the number of spouses and unlimited admirers they have in their Facebook account.
During the second world war a man was arrested in London for calling the Prime Minister Winston Churchill a fool.The next day in Parliament the opposition Members were  yelling and flaying the government for this - " Are we living in a police State" they shouted, "where we can't call the Prime Minister a fool ". Churchill replied in his inevitable style, " the man was not arrested for calling the Prime Minister a fool but he was arrested for leaking the State secret at the time of War ".
Few Ministers are in the Capital during this  Covid pandemic . There are many speculations about their visit . But an innocuously truthful statement is uttered by a minister before the departure. It is a normal visit to Delhi to pursue the leadership for more pecuniary assistance, for better understanding and good governance. There is hardly any riddle or conundrum in it. Though it reflects both IQ and EQ of the minister our CQ is hyped-up ( Curiosity Quotient).