Follow your dreams- they know the way!

Today’s article is not just close to our eyes but our hearts as well! Dreams! The question today to all the young people out there- If you aren’t dreaming big enough that it scares you, are you even dreaming enough? Our mind is a pandora box of secrets. Even if we don’t have the ability to change our circumstances, we surely have the ability to change how we respond to them. Sometimes, for people around you, your dreams are a threat. Even if your ambition is unjustified to others, its okay! If we blame people around us for underachieving, either we didn’t believe in our dream with that much conviction or we believed the lies people told us too much. These are your dreams, no one else’s. If someone resists you from dreaming, dream bigger, do better and prove! People will come in your life, comfort you, be by your side and leave when they wish. You have absolutely no control over such circumstances. They want you to fall, they want you to be normal, in the rut just like them, but if you give in to it, you will keep failing yourself for a lifetime. If you are meant to create magic then listen to the universe. It will direct you towards your path. Keep walking on that path, even if you are taking small steps, you are tired, you don’t know where you are going, even if you sweat, bleed or cry. Keep moving.  All that matters is how much fire you have. How well can you stand up when life knocks you down. On your path to success- how you can transform your pain into practice, your emotions into hard work, yours tears into sweat, your feelings into goals, this emptiness into consistency and your heartbreak into a path of self discovery. Discover your passion, until you haven’t, keep doing the boring stuff with all your heart. In the emptiness of this life you will find something you would want to wake up for every morning. If you don’t feel content with the normal stuff, you feel empty and you can’t hear the people outside because the music inside you is too loud- you are going to go far. The people who surpass odds and reach the epitome of success are normal with abnormal courage, wisdom, persistence and consistency. When the opportunity strikes, they are so well prepared that people start thinking they got lucky. If you don’t have people around you cannot understand this fire, this passion, this urge to break free from the routines of normal and enter into a zone of extraordinary, you are on the path to success. Keep at it, you need no validations. Sometimes we get so comfortable in our lives of what seems easy, that’s its easy to fall trap of it and just be the usual. If you are happy doing that, may be this article is not for you. I am writing for you diamonds, who under pressure will be stronger and brighter and shinier. I write for crazy people who love dancing alone in the rain. I write for you idiots who can love someone so much that they have courage to take people’s pain at the expense of their own happiness. I write for you guys, who are working so hard that they feel they will break any moment. Don’t stop, don’t give up. This is your time. If this is not your time, your time will come in some days, may be months, may be years. But don’t take away that chance from yourself by giving in or giving up now. Whatever you are chasing- money, power, position, marks, lover, degree, job- chase it well enough that there is no regret in your life. In the process you might or might not end up getting that you desire. But, I am sure, what you will get is a newer you, a stronger you. Prepare so well that you even surpass your targets. Be prepared to over achieve. Some people also will tell you settle down. What does settlement mean? For some it means balance but some crazyheads don’t understand that word and its okay. Settling down and being at peace are two different things.  The peace and quietude that we get after working the whole night is at another level. You are made of iron, the more they heat you, hammer you, the stronger and sharper your sword will become. But if you slack on our path, you didn’t give yourself enough chance to prove your worth. You have all the power to create history.  Across the globe dreaming is a luxury for some, necessity for many, but it is a basic human right for all without bias.
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