Over 15,000 frontline workers tested positive

New Delhi, Jul 18
The total number of frontline workers and health care staff who got affected by corona-virus stands at 15,200 in India, reveals unrealised Government data accessed by India Today through sources.
Sources said that of the total, more than 5000 are health care workers who have tested positive for COVID-19 while on duty.
Till July 17, 5,170 healthcare workers (HCWs) including doctors, nurses and healthcare staff have tested positive for corona-virus while on duty, sources revealed.
The data shows how frontline workers have been affected by the lack of PPE, insufficient protective gear while fighting the global pandemic.
Recently, data from National COVID Registry re- leased by Dr Rajan Sharma, Head of Indian Medical Association, to India Today TV, showed that 1,302 doctors had contracted corona- virus and 93 doctors had died due to the virus. IMA had also sounded a red alert to HCWs to raise their guard.
Recently, Dr Rajeev Jayadevan of Kochi chapter of IMA pegged the figure at 108 doctors till July 9, 2020. His paper has been published as an original scientific paper. He stated that a total of 138 HCWs including 108 doctors from all ranks had succumbed to the coronavirus in India. India Today