BU develops fungal powder to boost immunity

Dr Kh Akoisana
Bodoland University,one of the youngest University of Assam located at Kokrajhar claims it has developed a fungal powder to help people boost immunity during time of a global pandemic, Novel Coronavirus.
The powder is prepared from a parasitic but rare super mushroom called Cordyceps militarius.
 Cordyceps are known for their medicinal values especially anti- viral,anti- bacterial,anti- diabetes,anti- tumour,energy boosters and immune boosters.
There are three 3 types of mushrooms basic mushroom, advanced mushroom and super mushroom.Basic mushroom are taken for daily basis and treated as food.Advanced mushrooms are medicinal.Super mushrooms contain protein, vitamin, minerals and anti- oxidants.This can have various health benefits and high medicinal value.Cordyceps particularly is a parasitic fungus that includes over 400 species which are found all over the world....
Natural Cordyceps is hard to get and if dried costs at least Rs.8 lakhs per kg.Our lab has been growing Cordyceps militaris since 2017 at a fraction of the cost,said Sandeep Das ,Dean of BU’s faculty of science and technology.
Cultivation of this rare mushroom can open a new avenues ,said Sandeep Das .
According to  Sandeep Das,the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India sponsored technology incubation centre for mushroom culture and farming.Assam’s Bodoland University is taking the initiative to make this Technology who has developed ways to cultivate the mushrooms.Thus,it could benefit farmers he added.
One killo of dry Cordyceps mushroom will fetch farmers in lakhs.According to information available with us a 27000 sq.feet laboratory can give an annual turnover of eight tonne of Cordyceps mushroom.
Cultivation of Cordyceps is done in a temperature and humidity regulated laboratory and takes around 60 days for cropping.
After harvesting ,the fruiting body of Cordyceps are freeze dried (@86°C) which restores it’s original texture and mushrooms are grinded to form powder and are encapsulated veg capsule.
The incubation centre of the mushrooms will soon extend in our state also.The required proposal has been made by the Head of the Department of Biotechnology ,Northeast.
 It may be mentioned that the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India has established a small lab under its BLiSS programme at Chaoyaima Higher Secondary School, Thoubal under the supervision of Thoudam Radhamani Devi, Vice Principal of this school as a coordinator.
At the Centre , research works has been going on particularly the Cordyceps Mushroom.
If the Department of Biotechnology extended such type of incubation centre in the state , there will be a big benefit to our mushroom cultivators.