Are you a fool or a phool?

Homonyms are words that sound alike but mean different. I am drawing comparison today between two such words Fools and Phools. You all must be knowing who a fool is. For those of you, who don’t know Hindi, phool means flower. For ease of communication and understanding, I shall be referring to human beings as fools in the article (hope I don’t hurt anyone’s ego!)  and flowers as phools. I know this stuff is new, so read on.
The way these two entities react to similar life situations is starkly different. There’s a lot to learn. Now let’s see when fools get hurt, how do we all react? - We lament, cry, regret, hold a grudge, blame, hate etc. We get so toxic to ourselves that we start not only damaging our relationships with others but disrespect the dignity of our own lives too. We scar our own pristine and pure selves. A Phool also gets hurt, people pluck them (they must be emotionally and physically devastated too). We take away their nutrition, life, place of residence etc. for our own sheer obstinate pleasure. Their fate is either a birthday bouquet, a vase on the table, wedding decoration, a bunch on funerals or in between some pages of a book. They remain beautiful during such struggles, even fragrant during such troubled times. They sacrifice their ownselves for the happiness of others. When faced with trials and tribulations, if we can’t be good to others, let’s not scar ourselves so much with hurt and anger that its is an irreversible damage in our own lives.
Next, see when someone betrays our trust, discard us after having momentary hedonic happiness in life! (usually in personal relationships)- we become corrosive. We start hating people. But when a  tree tells a flower, that our relationship is over, the flower gently falls down on the ground and accepts its reality. It falls just under the tree, gets eaten up by the soil, becomes manure and serves the tree with all the nutrients it had. Even if we human beings cannot serve purpose to fellow human beings, we should not at least hamper anyone’s growth. Lets rather reach out to people with compassion and through our acts of kindness, we can surely change hearts of fellow human beings. Flowers teach us the power of letting go. Getting rid of emotional burdens will solve many mental health problems.
Another thing to learn from phools is- we fools always want to imitate someone, some celebrity, someone in power, people who look and dress better and so on. Have you ever observed a lily trying to be an orchid or a tulip imitating a sunflower? We fools have to understand that we are all unique in our design, personality, behaviour, make, shape, colour etc. We should have the courage to accept ourselves, understand our differences from other and be able to appreciate them. You are you. Noone else can be you.
 The flower blooms equally for everyone. But we fools have the tendency of bias. We want to pretend better infront of cooler or richer friends. We become so shallow in our approach in life. While working in the social sector for over 10 years, I have learnt that poor people don’t deserve poor solutions. So whenever, you do something for someone, don’t do it out of pity or sympathy. Just be your ownself. They appreciate it much more than your fake smiles and laughter.
Last but not the least, the most colourful flowers attract pollinators. Human life is also like that, when we sulk or are unhappy, people listen to us for a while, but they soon find reasons to get rid of us. When you are happy, people are more attracted towards you, you make friends better.
Be like a flower, which blooms under all circumstances, in the wild, near the creeks, in the mud, in your flower pot. No matter what your circumstances are, you will stand out like a beautiful flower. Keep up your hope and spirits in life! Happy Weekend! 
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