Naming the COVID vaccine

Free Thinker
We have come across a few names given to the prospective Corona Virus (COVID -19) vaccine.  They are not good enough - not very impressive or thrilling. The name of the vaccine should be attractive, convincing and it should have mass appeal. Some creative minds may be invited to suggest a nice universal name. Literary persons may be involved to do the needful. Or the prospective vaccine owner may conduct a global competition for getting an amazing name. For this, they may simply spend a few millions and while doing so the name of the Company or Institution will also get popularized everywhere before the arrival of their vaccine.
Naming a vaccine is no joke that too for preventing a pandemic virus.Names like Corokick or Bye-Corona or Covid-nil or Covid-free or Death-19, Corona-kil or Covid-zero or Coro-cry or Covid-fal, Di-Covid or Covid-blues or Corona-go or Covidie or Cofight or Covid-run, or Corotrap may be considered. These are unsolicited suggestions. Still, you may take it seriously. Once you have chosen one of these names just give a smile, that's all. It is free for all and no payment is required. Only a sense of satisfaction may be there for naming a vaccine which is going to be used in every nook and corner of this planet.
Scientists and Doctors are not supposed to give the name of the medicine. They have brilliant minds but not so brilliant in naming things. Their knowledge in their field is par excellence. But they are not artists or literary people. They often land up to monotonous names or titles. We have come across  hundreds of thousands of medicines or drugs but almost all the names are dull, scientific and mechanical. Only a few have universal appeal e.g., Aspirin. What a beautiful name !
The name of the vaccine or drug should always  be made easy to remember so that both the physicians and clients can recall easily. If the name is scientific or technical based on the chemical components it would be difficult to remember or jarring or even horrible to spell out. Names should be made short  and easily pronounceable.
Experts told us that the computer virus, as well as its vaccine, is invented simultaneously in order to mint money. First, they release the virus and after some time they launch the vaccine. Whether such a theory is equally true for human viruses. If so by now we should have the vaccine. Let us see from where we are getting the vaccine and through whom. The world is such a small place, we will come to know who did what and when?
The world is now turned into a battle ground for inventing a vaccine for Corona virus ( COVID -19).A cut throat competition is quite visible among the multinationals  and giant pharmaceutical companies. They know that once they're successful in bringing out a vaccine there will be no end to their income at least for a few decades  . At this juncture, all are promising that their vaccine is to save humanity and they don't have hardly any profit motive. Let's see, we  are watching them. Nobody does business without a profit motive.
National Governments are also equally taking interest in bringing out a Covid vaccine. Their sole  object is to save their citizens. They don't think about profit at this juncture. National Governments are so desperate and eager that they even extend all possible help to the big companies to find the vaccine. All the institutions in this field are seriously looking for a viable cure. All are hoping that a vaccine comes for this pandemic virus and preferably from their own country.
Worrisome part is that some advanced countries are trying to exploit the innocent people of developing (or under-developed ) countries .They want to try their vaccines on the population of the lesser world. Humans are going to be treated as guinea pigs. This is bad in taste and morality. If they want to try their vaccine let them try with their own people. There will be volunteers ; why can't they do themselves?
Anyway humanity will be saved from this virus . Sooner or later vaccines will be available. Whose vaccine comes first? Let's see . We believe that an Indian vaccine is coming in an incredible speed - that you can't imagine. We won't be surprised to see our vaccine first before others.
"What is in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet ". Shakespeare Sab having a nice name will always remain a compliment to the quality.