Cosmic Lover

Moirangthem Minakshi Devi
An imprint of his hand on my soul,
His touch set my poor heart aflame.
An imprint meant to last till dotage,
I awaited the nameless man to soothe the time-torn woman in me.
Desparing and limber I stood,as the imprint was dearth of love.
The namelss man was the most winsome seldom I ever seen.
But there was no love between I and him.
Under a starry night I saw his lamping eyes,
Devoid of love for me,making my spright die.
A hope of a long entreaty to soften his hard heart,
I seek in vain some love,doubtfully long,
And know no end of this misery.
In a country far and white,Icarry my broken heart,
And drown in the deepest sea,where my weary heart find laughter and set free.
Yet,a long pursuit trail to earn fondness of the nameless Cosmic Lover.