History won’t bring unity

If life was just to survive, primary needs would have just revolved around the ‘basic satisfactions.’ And even after downsizing our goals to just eat, breath and sleep – competitions would still be illogical and meaningless, making us feel - human evolution was just a fairy tale. All the other lives have unconscious goals, and we are just the exception for everything that happens under the realm of consciousness.
And once this umbrella opens, all the five senses – come as one - and elects their supreme commander, “Common sense,” rewarding us with the title ‘Social Being or Conscious Being.’ Once we are filled with the singularised individuals of differences, we then group ourselves based on religion, caste, colour and sex. And in these varieties, we are told to compromise our individualities just to impress some commons under the slogan, “We Are Brothers and Sisters, We Are One.” This venomously beautified statement is doing no good as you can see the never ending communal eruptions.
If the colour of our bloods and origins matter the most to live with ‘Unity,’ there won’t be any non-vegetarian due to the sameness in the colour of our blood with the rest of the mammals, and no invention of medicines to kill bacteria as we have the same origin. To put in the simplest sense, the reason why the hills and the valleys of Manipur can never unite is because of the fact that we keep looking for the commons and the similarities, “we are brothers and sisters, we are the children of the same mother,” and all these histories. That might instil some patriotic aroma, but it’s limitations will convert that into ‘fake patriotic slogans.’
Why are similarities the basis of all combinations? Eleven strikers won’t make a strong soccer team, but the variety and acceptance of the variety will do so. Instead of hunting for ‘likes’ why don’t you appreciate the differences? For who are we? Are we not ideas? Are we not some thoughts? And if you say all ideas are the same or if you look for similar ideas to group up, ask a doctor if any two brains are the same? The more you look for similarities to combine, weaker will be the bond when truth hits.
Let’s all accept that we have different perspectives and no two perspectives are even near the same. True unity will come only after you accept that we are different. “Hanna yeinou, konna tinnou,” meaning fight before you built the friendship, this is the need of the hour, for don’t get me wrong with the term ‘fight,’ for I just clearly mean the ‘difference.’ Taking this into more personal matters, have you ever had a fight with anyone who then turned out to be your best friend at the end? If so, you must have understood that your ideas and your friend’s ideas are not the same right after the fight. And at the time of bringing back the friendship together, you must have noticed that you respected the difference and didn’t do what the other doesn’t like anymore, and when two different ideas combined – miracles happen.
This has always happened to me many times because I lose my temper at my dog when he doesn’t listen to me, but the moment I carry my anger to my consciousness – making me rethink that he is different from us makes me cool down, and start appreciating all his tiny mistakes. This is what we call unity with differences. If I were to see as “we have the same blood,” I might have killed my dog because he wasn’t listening to me. I will see him just the same as me, but that understanding of difference makes it all different.
Let’s realize that we are different and start respecting each other’s differences and stop trying to combine ourselves based on histories for that will be just a time killer. From today, I will be your friend not because you are like me but you are nothing like me.
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