Effectuate NEP 2020 after discussion in Parliament: CPI

IMPHAL, Jul 31
CPI, Manipur State Council has urged that the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 be effectuated after a significant discussion in the Parliament.
CPI do not expect good results from the new policy approved by the Union Government sans discussion in the Parliament, said a press statement issued by the CPI,  Manipur State Council.
The new policy will dissolve the "Universalization of Education" and aims to provide higher studies only to those who can afford, alleged CPI.
"Public Funding Education" will no longer exist under the NEP  2020 which bear Neo-Liberal agenda and pave way for "Commercialization", it continued while adding that the tradition of Federalism will be infringed as the Education sector in States will be managed by the Board of Governors in coming days.
The policy will be badly affecting those in the profession of teacher in a State like Manipur which have limited source of income, as there will be no regularisation in teaching services, it said.
As per the new policy, the number of educational institutions will be reduced to 15 thousand for every 50 thousand institutions while at the same time those colleges with less than 3 thousand enrolment of students will be merged with another college, said CPI expressing concern over the likely consequences in the State.
Arts colleges will be gradually shut with the removal of a big subject like Social Science under the new policy, said CPI while reiterating the need for discussing the new policy without fail in the Parliament.
Government's aim to increase the public investment in the education sector from the current 4.3 per cent to reach 6 percent of GDP  is unlikely to achieve, stated CPI maintaining that the same has been the target of Kothari Commission introduced way back in the 60's but is yet to realise till date.
The new policy has provisions to ensure universal access to school education upto secondary stage, but how far it will be successful remains doubtful as even the Government's initiative to ensure free education for upto 14 years has failed to work, it asked.
As long as policies favour and reflect the influence of riches, it will remain paper tiger, it continued.