TSE brings results of photography contest that tells the story of Pallel to Chandel road


TSE brings results of pho
By Our Staff Reporter
CHANDEL, Jul 30 : To highlight the pathetic road conditions from Pallel to Chandel, Wisecrabs took it upon themselves to organise a district level photography contest and the following pictures which best captured the pathetic conditions of the road have been chosen for the first three positions.
Aptly organised under the theme, Better Chandel Road, from July 7 to July 20 the snap shots coming with this news story were declared the first three position holders in the district level photography contest.
Apart from highlighting the pathetic conditions of Pallel-Chandel road, the pictures also capture the mood, feeling, and collective aspirations of Chandel people in demanding quality and durable road repairing work.
In a statement, Wisecrabs alleged, “For a long time, the people of Chandel have suffered the pathetic condition of the Pallel-Chandel road, a declared highway connecting Chandel with the rest of Manipur. Occasional repair works are done on the road, which are unfortunately, mere hogwash to the public. The worsening condition of the road has brought untold misery to the people and harmed quite a lot of vehicles too. The recent announcement of CM on the proposed repair work by NHIDCL has filled Chandel with optimism  and work at the earliest is eagerly awaited.”
The district level contest was judged by two of Chandel's very own popular and talented photographers - Rashingam Ng & John Monsang.
Participants from all over the district sent in their entries, out of which Mr Len Serbum from Kapaam village was adjudged the winner and took home Rs 5000 in cash. The second and third position went to Miss Shuhlungri Tongsin and Mr Behring Sankhil who received Rs 3000 and Rs 1500 respectively. Miss Thahrin Langhu and Mr PS Jonah Anal were awarded consolation prizes of Rs 500 each.
Better Chandel Road Photography contest was made possible by the generosity and loyal support from the following business establishments and individuals -
1. Century Springs, 2. Cafe Dusk & Dawn, 3. Newry's Delight, 4. Miss Olivia Lk, 5. NNS Departmental Store, 6. Mr Ramji & Mr Narayan shops, 7. Fashion Passion Store, 8. Th Tiberrose, SPO owner Oriflame, 9. Snowballs Cafe, 10. Mr Hb Delorengam & family, 11. Collections by Judith, 12. Ms Sarah Ralengnao, 13. Glitz by Joe clothing store, 14. Ng Haarshim, 15. S Million
Wisecrabs - Chandel thanked all the participants, judges, and people who have continuously supported the club.