ZB withdraws support to NSCN (IM)

IMPHAL, Jul 31
The Zeliangrong Baudi Assam, Manipur and Nagaland has stated that during the 10th Dimki (Assembly) held on July 15, it has withdrawn the Zeliangrong people's mandate given to NSCN (IM) some years ago, following ill treatment and undue interferences into the affairs of the Zeliangrong people.
The Zeliangrong people are free to take any decision and live without any dictate, interference, threat and intimidation from outsiders under the "pretext" of Naga National movement, it stated.
The statement said that the aspiration of the Zeliangrong people is to live together under one single administrative unit, based on the foundation laid down by Haipou Jadonang, founder of "Naga Raj" and Rani Gaidinliu, veteran freedom fighter of India.
However, the rise of Naga insurgents movement with physical and psychological threat and intimidation meted out to Zeliangrong leaders to discontinue their demands, for which some prominent leaders were shot dead by Naga insurgents in the name of Naga National movement has also been an impediment to the Zeliangrong people's aspirations, it stated.
Many promising Zeliangrong people have sacrificed their lives towards the cause of Naga National movement but their contributions and sacrifices have always been ignored and sidelined, it added.
The organization appealed to its people to continue to uphold the uniqueness and bond of the Zeliangrong people.