Nagaland Govt rejects Guv RN Ravi’s observation on failure of law & order

Nagaland Government has termed the claims on failure of law and order in the State made by Governor, RN Ravi as “non-factual” and even rejected the latter’s assess-ment stating that his obse- rvations “do not appear to be factual”.
Ravi had previously penned a serious letter to Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio highlighting the extortion and disregard for law and order by rebel groups where it was mentioned that “arm-ed gangs” are running and ruining the State’s welfare.
Nagaland’s Department of Information & Public Relations (DIPR), in reply to the Governor’s appeal, said that the State's law and order situation is normal so far.
Recalling how the Naga indigenous tribe attained Statehood, the Information Department said that the State was born out of so much hardship and remains to be so. It also informed on the pending and unresolved peace talks which have been going on with Naga Political Groups (NPGs) since 1997.
The DIPR said incidents of serious and heinous crimes in Nagaland have seen a gradual decrease over the years, and efforts are on to minimise them.
Ravi had warned that he would act as per the provisions of Article 371A  (1)(b) of the Constitution, which gives him special power to take the responsibility in his hands. In respect to his warning, the DIPR replied that this law  was ruled out by a resolution in December 2013.
“The State Government is of the view that any decision to put the clock back in contravention of such a resolution in the guise of discharging special responsibilities under Article 371(A)(1)(b) would be against the principles of democracy and viewed as anti-people,” the statement added. TNT