No confidence & godfather

Whether the Government has lost the confidence of the 'House' (Assembly ), there is a proper procedure to check it i.e., by conducting the floor test. Whether the Government has lost the confidence of the people, the right procedure to know it,  is to hold the elections ,the result will tell the truth.
Perhaps a letter of no-confidence in the Council of Ministers has  been addressed to  Raj Bhavan . And a notice of no confidence motion has been submitted to the Speaker's office.We really don't know whether the Parties are really interested in bringing a no-confidence motion against the government or not. If  they are really serious to serve a no-confidence motion they must follow the rules.There is an established rule and procedure to bring a no-confidence motion against the government or the Council of Ministers.
If they want to make some political scores they are at liberty. For gaining political mileage they may even start doing hunger strikes in front of Kangla demanding acceptance of their no-confidence motion in advance by the Speaker before 10th August .The same letter may be served to the Chief Minister and also to the  Deputy CM .Somebody may even write a letter to the President of India and Chief Justice seeking justice to put pressure on the Presiding Officer. These are all possible political gimmicks.
Seriously , a motion expressing want of confidence in the Government (Council of Ministers )may be made subject to the following  procedure : permission (leave) of the House to move the motion has to be asked  for by the MLA when called by the Speaker ; and the MLA asking for permission (leave) has, before the commencement of the sitting for that day, to give to the Assembly Secretary a written notice of the motion which he/ she proposes to move. Normally "before the commencement of the sitting" means 10 am.
As per Article 208 of the Constitution the State Assemblies may make their own rules and procedures for smooth conduct of their business. However such rules and procedures should be in conformity with the Constitution and existing laws. If we understand correctly no condition of admissibility of a motion of no-confidence are laid down in the Rules or Orders or Directions. But the Speaker is vested with the power of deciding whether a motion is in order or not. He may not bring a notice of no-confidence before the House if it is not properly worded or on any other ground considered sufficient by him. Here the discretion of Speaker may be exercised ; to which extent is debatable.
Common people should be told that"no confidence motion" against the government can't be submitted to the Speaker's Office or Raj Bhavan or High Court. Such notices are to be submitted to the Secretary Legislative Assembly on the day  the 'House' sits. In the assembly whether the govt still commands majority or not is  to be ascertained within the 'House' by division ( voting): in other words whether the government has the requisite number to maintain the confidence of the State  Legislature.What is more crucial today is whether the government still commands the trust of the people. That is the pertinent issue today. Are the citizens still have  faith in this government ? That test can 't be conducted right now. Time or tenure will decide.
Sometimes we are surprised to see the Ministers submitting their resignation letters to the Party President or the Governor. Of course they may give a copy of the resignation letter to them but  actually the resignation letter of a minister must be addressed to the Chief Minister. Many a times we have seen minister's resignation letter circulating in the media and not reaching the right place. Or the letter is wrongly addressed  to some other authority rather than the CM. Such political stunts are also frequently visible. After all we are living in the world's most largest and vibrant democracy.
For the sake of our land let us convince ourselves that drugs is  dangerous and it's implications and impacts are humongously devastating.  All our fellow citizens must avoid  dealing with drugs  because it destroys the entire society ( ours ,theirs and others). Just for the sake of minting fast bucks we are  pulverising our future generations. We can do business with so many things . Leaders, politicians, police, bureaucrats, babus, soldiers, patriots and everyone knows the available options.  Choose any - lobbying , contracting, gambling, smuggling, brokering, lifting, bootlegging, kidnapping, brothelling, extortioning so on and so forth. Though some of these activities are still illegal, if caught. But strictly let's say no to poppy and drugs. We should not surrender to the dictates and allurement of  Golden Triangle.
Godfather Don Vito Corleone refusing to deal with drugs  said, "it is true I have a lot of friends in politics but they wouldn't be so friendly if they knew my business was drugs instead of gambling which they consider a harmless vice. But drugs , that is a dirty business " ( "The Godfather" by Mario Puzo ).