Hope in COVID Era !!

Ranbir Laishram
Everybody says -
Stay home and stay  safe
Spend time with near and dear ones
Inside the four walls of our dwellings
So easily said than done
The reality of life is - an arduous task
The simple rules of life for 24/7 A few reminders are :
Be open to the media and keep learning
Let us try to be with warm and genuine people.
A smile.
A word of optimism and hope
When life is tough
A positive self talk in our subconscious mind
“I will overcome it" it pays
Nothing last forever, not even coronavirus
In life, many a big dream are knocked down
Things don't go their way.
The future may  look  blank
And the way ahead may be hazy But let us not give up hope.
When hope is lost, everything is lost
However, when all is dire and bleak,
With faith in our inner self  and Almighty
Out of the abyss of darkness and  desparation,
He will give us 'Hope'- the rope and ladder to come up.
The stubborn all - enlightening hope !
That if we just show up and try to do the right thing.
Let us face this reality 'COVID 19'
With a positive mindset
Subconscious re-training and inner healing
And follow guidelines -
Stay home, stay safe and count our blessings.