Lockdown affects people of different fields, cripples businesses

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Aug 1: The deadly coronavirus which caused a global shutdown has left everyone affected, including the Manipur film industry.
Speaking to TSE, reknowned Manipur film maker Romi Meitei expressed that reading about pandemics  in history books is completely different from living and experiencing it he said and added that even the term 'social distancing' have never been heard before this (pandemic).
 A State like Manipur is still economically 'insufficient' and not equipped to tackle something of this magnitude which is why majority of families are deeply affected by it, he continued.
In terms of the film fraternity, the lockdown has on one hand affected the mental state of passionate artistes etc, and on the other, it has made a huge dent in the source of income, specially those providing for their family. In fact, there are instances of some artistes selling essential items just to make ends meet, he said.
To battle this pandemic, he appealed to the general public to contribute and participate by strictly following all the SOPs, specially wearing face masks and maintaining social distance.
On the other hand, TSE reporter while making rounds in different localities, came across many small hotel, shop and other business owners who expressed their concern over the lockdown situation which has deprived them of their means of livelihood.
 Speaking to TSE, they stated that the lockdown which has intensified as a result of recent spike in COVID cases and signs of possible community transmission, has made it difficult for them to run their business.
Vendors who survive on the meagre income they earn by selling tea and local snacks said that with the tight lockdown, it has become difficult to sell and the  hike in price of commodities have only added to their problems.
One of the ladies who runs a small tea hotel in her house expressed that her bora - kanghou sells out almost instantly  during the short time she 'secretly' opens her shop. The money she receives from it is sufficient but the shop does not remain open for long and neither are customers allowed to sit in the shop for the fear of contracting the infection, she stated.
Many other cha, bora, tan vendors also expressed similar concerns saying and also said that although the lockdown has affected their means of livelihood, they are also very afraid of being infected.