Manipur home returnees, unemployment and ILPS

Lunsieh Kipgen, IPS
Contd from prev issue
An electrician charges Rs. 2000/-to 3000/-for a day’s work. Are these people having enough work/contract all the time?  Yes. They are never free even for a single day and always have plenty of works in line. A non local running a small Pan shop or a grocery shop in a locality here too earns profits enough to run his family by remitting cash to his relatives at home.
These are just a few examples cited to enlighten/remind the drainage of the state’s money to other states. ILPS regulations and entry fees do not make any difference to these non locals. Whatever expenditures they incurred on ILPS is recovered through increased wages and profit margin anyway.
Insurgency or armed militancy in the state is linked with unemployment problem. This can be true if white collar jobs or government service alone is considered as an employment. Interestingly the number of unemployed people registered with the employment exchange at a given time always stands around forty thousand to fifty thousand.
The total number of underground cadres in the entire state would be less than ten thousand anyway. Even if 50 percent of the state’s blue collar job sector is occupied by the by the local potential work force then the number of underground cadres and militancy would dwindle to a great extent.
The state government at any point of time would never be able to provide government jobs to all those qualified individuals or seeking government jobs. 
The state government have started to encourage entrepreneurships through start-ups, vocational training, skill development and other self employment schemes to absorb unemployed youths into income generating fields. Liberal soft loans and one time financial assistance largesse schemes are advanced to the genuine needy individuals.
These are of course meant for the educated unemployed. But then for the uneducated too loans and grants for purchase of passenger vehicles, etc are provided to the needy and deserving. Poultry, piggery, fishery, horticulture, farming, etc are several other employment and income earning areas for both the educated and uneducated alike.
The lure and craze for easy and fast money has spoiled the present generation. The youth must focus on changing their mindset with regard to work. Ironically those youths who have returned home this time are the ones who have actually gone to different parts of the country in search of work only.
Now that they cannot work and earn outside the state they must think in terms of finding and engaging themselves in suitable jobs most of which have been grabbed by the non locals leading to exploitation of the state natives and drainage of the state’s money.
There is nothing which cannot be learnt and done. It is heartening that quite a number of locals have taken to tiles work which hitherto was considered non locals’ exclusive expertise area. 
Plumbing is an area which the locals have not tried to pick up so far. This is equally a lucrative work area exclusively dominated by the non locals. Once the non locals are replaced or deprived of their working and earning opportunities they would slowly and steadily leave the land and their continued influx would cease. Then only the fruit of ILPS would be seen and enjoyed.

The writer is Inspector General of Police, Manipur