Women Empowerment Association to stiffen war on intoxicants

The Women Empowerment Association, Yumnam Khunou has decided to reinforce their drive against sale and abuse of drug/intoxicants in the area on account of the rising menace of drug abuse and business during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Women Empowerment Association, in a statement said that the association has also decided to support the movement against drug issues spearheaded by CADA and Nupi Samaj.
It is disheartening to learn that some people continue to indulge in smuggling of narcotic substances, tobacco products even during a period when the State is struggling to cope with COVID-19 crisis, it said while drawing the attention of the Government to act strictly against these anti-social elements.
The lockdown may seem total during daytime but it is insignificant soon after darkness as people started coming out; cars, SUVs started roaming around. Drugs are allegedly peddled during such time, the association said and urged all concerned to do the needful and check on such harmful activities.
If not, abuse of drugs and intoxicants will affect every family and do more harm than the pandemic, it said.