Don't forsake peace process : Deve Gowda

Taking serious note of reports in the media that the ongoing peace talks between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India has run into rough water, former Prime Minister and currently Rajya Sabha MP, HD Deve Gowda today said that the progress made in the last 23 years is not forsaken now.
Recalling that the ceasefire agreement was inked back in 1997 shortly after he stepped down as Prime Minister, Deve Gowda said that the peace pact was a result of constructive diplomacy.
Noting that the recent statements made by those involved in the negotiations have made it apparent that distrust has crept in, the former Prime Minister said, “We should ensure that the progress made in the last 23 years by successive Governments is not forsaken now. There is the Constitution and also the 2015 Framework Agreement, which should help us move towards a solution.”
The ceasefire followed “my meeting with Mr Isak Chisi Swu and Mr Thuingaleng Muivah in Zurich in February 1997,” recalled the former Prime Minister and added that the progress made thus far should not be forsaken.
“I sincerely hope that distrust is put aside, talks continue, and a peace accord is reached at the earliest. The people of the North East deserve to live in harmony and witness economic progress,” added the former Prime Minister.