Speed breakers

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
Imagine you are driving at a speed of 100km/hr but on third gear. For about 40 kms you drive like that. Let us see what all damage will you do? You will damage nearly all the parts of car and inefficiently use the fuel.
Now apply this analogy in your life. If you are speeding through life with the wrong set of principles, ethics, work life balance, health, lifestyle, social customs and beliefs. You are destroying the spirit of your life totally.
When sometimes the Universe might slow down your growth in your career or a specific relationship or project that you have taken up. Don't worry. Take this time to readjust your gears. Take a look at how your were dealing with situations earlier, how can you make your systems in life more efficient, how can you change some habits that are deleterious to your mental and physical health, how can you also inculcate new habits that will aid in your progress. Take this time to understand what you truly believe in.
Ask yourself the most basic questions like do I even like the person I am today? What can I do everyday to become a better version of myself? I am a serving to seek money or is the money using me? Am I doing my best in all spheres of life today? Where am I lagging, where can i improve? Am I true to myself and people around me? Or am I faking it all up to be a part of the crowd? What are  the things that I want to thank the Universe for? Am I saying thankyou enough to the people who love me the most? Am I telling the people who matter to me that I really appreciate their presence in my life? What can I do to make my work place/home a happier place? Am I giving back to the community enough? What is that scares me to hell and how can face those fears before even the worst things happens and prepare myself? Am I taking care of my emotional and mental health too? What did I do today to make myself happy? How much time did I spend with my family?
If you think that the lesser speed of progress of your life is Bain, take all measures to make it a boon. Do your homework for bigger projects in personal and professional life.
Last but not the least, stay loyal to the lofty mission you have been sent to fulfil on this Earth. You need to understand that you don't need to become someone else, you don't need to act or pretend, you don't need to belong. Just be yourself. Everything around will adjust. Stay true to yourself. You have been sent here to accomplish something that noonelse can do. If you don't do it, the tasks will remain ever unaccomplished.  Best growth happens by looking onwards not at how fast are others travelling.