Say YES to devotion and NO to desires

In simplest English – you can only touch what’s in your reach. So, you can dream with only the level of your knowledge you have now. What you want yourself to be in five years from now will never satisfy you when you become that after five years. You can only set a goal based on your present level of understanding and knowledge. You are doing nothing but setting a meager goal, you are doing nothing but looking for ends not journeys. Life is a process of rapid growth, so setting fixed goals in not something motivational but creating limitations for you. And you know what will happen – you will be disappointed with your own goal.
But see the difference – in every resume – ‘I am goal oriented’ is the catchiest word. If you are goal oriented, you will be left with disappointment but if you are process oriented – success is just a result or a consequence. “I want to get an amazing strawberry in my garden,’ if that’s your success – then do you focus on the strawberry or the earth, water, sunlight, seed, etc. ? Don’t hate me but yes to the process which looks nothing like strawberry but it will give strawberry at the end. Sometimes in life, you don’t have to just think of doing what you want because 99% of the things are done to get something you want by doing nothing you want. That’s the harsh truth of life.
Goals are desires – having a strong desire is nothing but a wish until you act upon it. Desires are not pure – why? Because you collected desires – desires are trends – you wish to be in the trend – DESIRES. Then success? It will come with devotion not desire – do what you are doing right now with devotion, success is just a step away.
If you are only focusing on the finish line but not the step you are taking right now, you will fall flat on your face – and trust me, that’s painful. Only and only devotion to what you do will get you as far as you can. How many of you see people who drive BMW being happy? Those were once their dream cars, why are they not happy? The reason is stagnant – they are now disappointed with their own goals. If you set a goal – you will face two things, getting there will disappoint you and not getting there will break you. Then what’s the point of living an ugly sandwiched life like that.
No goal oriented people have done significant things on this planet but only those who are devoted. If you become so responsible and think that every damn thing that’s happening in this world needs a hand from you, you will become a very limited person. Just walk into anything that’s on the way, the only thing you have to keep in mind is the assurance that you will never lose yourself – then, you will be able to go full step not half-step.
Every life is aspiring to be as much as it can be – don’t let your mind fear the suffering - it might be just for keeping you in the comfort zone because that will be against the law of nature. Be devoted, be lost in the zone – let time measure the length, not the mark of your neighbour’s son. Devotion will enhance the possibilities of being limitless – never be that person who sets goals – never be the person who set’s good and the bad paths – be limitless.
I know this is going to sound really stupid but – ‘you are not as important as you think,’ even if you die tomorrow – Manipur will still be fine – the world will still go on. Loosen yourself a bit from other’s voices, smile more, be happy and say this, “EISEY FAGI FAGI DEI SIDRINEY.”
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