The obscurity of the pandemic; it's impact on education in the long run

Thangminlun Haokip
The death caused by the global pandemic in India had curves to an approximate of 60,472 and with 3,310,234 total cases and a recovery rate of over 76 percent, as per latest report given by the Union Health Ministry. It has now been more than five to six months since the pandemic had worsen causing difficulties to all- where everyone is fighting for survival and coping to live with the pandemic. The greatest global crisis since after World War II; it really is a time of adversity where millions lost their life, countless number of homeless and jobless people goes to sleep hungry with no source of work and income to feed their families,waiting only to die hungry. While it may not be a misfortune for the rich and abled, who have a regular source of income with inexhaustible supply of daily necessities and essential commodities to carry on with and thrive amidst this pandemic. The government may have already taken all possible steps, yet not all possible people have been reached by these helped and schemes given, and tens of thousands still remain unattended, with no medical treatment given and no proper supply of essential commodities to live on. Moreover, the pandemic had given us a new lifestyle, in a way that we never think. It has brought families together to sit down together, and enjoy the wonder and comfort of their home and surrounding environment which for many was not made possible before because of all the tight and monotonous daily work schedules.
While the spread of the untamed-pandemic stroke and quiver all over the world, hampering people's lives in a total pandemonium, with profuse news- both certitude and forgery, fluttering in from copious angles. And the innumerous number of proliferating confirmed and active cases reported everyday in the television news shows, social media's goes without saying- with graveyards flooded like the 'Khwairamband market' in a hustle-bustle manner as was always, devaluing the value or worth of life. The world is at stake- wherever, whoever and whatever it may be, we are at stake. But amidst all these various issues, what in my opinion effects the most- not necessarily in the present but for the time to come, is the future and career of the young learners in our country, particularly here in our state, Manipur.
The COVID -19 pandemic has affected the educational system worldwide, leading to the closure of schools, universities and colleges. The closure of these educational institutions not only interrupts the teaching for students;the closure also coincides with a key assessment period and many exams have been postponed or cancelled. Internal assessment are perhaps thought to be less important and may have been cancelled. It is also possible that some students career might be benefit from the interruption. The global lockdown of educational institutions is going to cause major(and likely unequal) interruption in students' learning; disruptions, internal assessments and the cancellation of public assessment for qualifications or their replacement by an inferior alternative. It has been estimated to affect around 600 million learners across the world- the school going students in particular.
The big question here is- What can be done to mitigate these negative impacts faced by the students? Despite where thousands of competitive minded students in most part of the country, accepting this so called 'lockdown', a bane to a boon, preparing themselves thoroughly for their lessons and various competitive exams coming ahead, precisely and wisely managing their time during these intolerable crisis, which gives them the maximum time more than needed due to extension of lockdown, providing the best environment for students to sit down on their table , utilizing various digitalised and computerised electronic gadgets to acquire more than what is supposed to be learn, joining online classes and what not.
But how painful it is to see the other side-a total contrast to what had just been pointed out, do we see in our context.Some exceptional students who have the will and quest to learn might perhaps be aware of the valuable time the lockdown had provided to prepare themselves at home for their own, despite the numerous ill-effects and impacts it cause to the people. But it is hurting and discouraging as well as helpless to see tons of groups of youngsters and students in their mid-schooling days are craving to fill their thirst- a thirst which is not meant to satisfy a thirst, one which does not keep oiling the engine of their life-a thirst that will thirst them for more. They gave their precious but fruitless time to needless things, as such- playing online games, gone away with the fairies with social medias and what not when thousands as them out there, are reasonably and judiciously acquiring all feasible cognition from all possible and attainable ways, by hook or crook. This part, for an instance, is what I endured which is really demoralizing as a young learned man.
Many young learners have already been used to the luxurious time given by the pandemic. In the long run, if the global lockdown continues, the future of many students are at stake of downfall.The state government, particularly the Educational department should therefore, look over this current trending challenging issues by acting accordingly as needed in the swiftest possible means , as an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. As Nelson Mandela, the first president of South Africa who was also an anti-apartheid revolutionary, rightly quoted, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can change the world".