21 years of reaching out to the readers From 1999 to 2020

Twenty one years back, that is on September 10, 1999, no one would have thought that The Sangai Express would be braving all odds to make sure that not a single day is missed due to a global pandemic that has got a stranglehold on the daily life of everyone. Wordsmiths we are, but back in 1999 no one would have thought of a word as current as ‘new normal’. Yet this is the reality today and back on September 10, 1999 it was a bunch of young men and women who got together, worked through the night to ensure that the first edition of The Sangai Express hit the news stand on September 11, 1999 and since then there has been no looking back. Now the bunch of young men and women are today middle aged citizens of the land, but the spirit remains the same and if on September 10, 1999 the main aim was to ensure that the next day’s edition hit the news stand well on time, in 2020 it is about ensured that the day’s copy hit the news stand everyday, even during the intense lockdown that was first enforced from March 24. It is this spirit that has kept The Sangai Express going all these 21 years and looking back it has been a satisfying journey. Twenty one years may not add up to much, but remember a child born back then in 1999 would today be an adult, about to wind up her post graduation. And since 1999, the country too has seen the fortune and misfortune of different political parties, particularly the Congress and how the BJP came roaring back to power after two consecutive defeats in the Parliamentary elections.
No mantra as such behind the successful run for 21 years in the journey of The Sangai Express but if anything has counted substantially at all then it is team work. A point which has been stressed here time and again. Here at The Sangai Express there are no star players but each executing the task that is expected of him or her and it has worked well from Day I. So from the reporters to the sub-editors to the boys manning the printing machines to the distribution section, the management to the Editors, it is a story of each arm of the establishment chipping in their best and as they say, the best has been good enough so far. Twenty one years and there has been a share of hits and misses but the hits have been remarkable and this could be one reason why the flag of The Sangai Express has been flying high and taken note of by others. The ‘success story’ so far too would not have been possible without the trust and faith of the well wishers, the advertisers and the readers. Global pandemic or whatever it is, The Sangai Express will continue to put its best foot forward to reach out to the readers daily without fail and for this the co-operation and understanding of everyone is needed. Stay safe.