Youthful Years

M Minakshi Devi

I am awake this night staring out the casement,
Whilst the town slumbers,I am bright eyed and bushy tailed.
I am wide awake,something stirring in my heart,
I howl songs on heartbreak to the fair dusty moon,
With fond and feeble tongue,a tedious song I sing.
Also humming lullaby of my youthful years,
The era of retro dialphones,love songs embedded in audio cassettes,°
A lullaby of the ninety's when
We were devoid of crooked age and hoary facial hair.
The moon rose higher,unfurling its beam in my room,
Spilling over dangling old family photograph on the wall,
Instantly,I go fishing in the stream of olden times,
Like the past and present nodding and acquainting.
Awake and lost in the luxurious luminous night,
My snuggly bed and satin pillows summons me to sleep,
To open the little drowsy gate and ditch the insomniac phase.
Yet,I fancy to stay awake and hum lullaby of my youthful years.