Morals vs Dollars- Let love be the guiding light!

I will start this article by sharing with you a beautiful story which I heard from Dr. Wayne Dyer. There was a Zen master somewhere in China who was all knowing of the wonders of meditation. But his ultimate goal was to meet an old saint who lived in the foothills of Nepal to learn more. He went there to seek the wisdom of the saint. After meeting him, he started by telling the saint all that he knew. The saint kept listening for a long time and then interrupted him and asked if he would like to have some tea? The Zen Master agreed. The saint started to fill his cup, soon the cup was full, the saint didn’t stop, he kept filling the cup, the tea overflowed in the saucer and then on the floor. He stopped the saint and said what are you doing? The saint told him exactly what you are doing. Take this metaphor to understand that please become empty to learn something new.
Reading works of the great poet Rumi this entire week made me realize that how beautiful love is. What a pure source, not maligned by the lust for power or the dominance of ego. What a beauty that makes you feel connected even in separation. What a source of light that illuminates the world of living and dead. In our age when we have stopped looking into the eyes of people but their wallets, trying to judge worth not by morals but dollars, we are not wrong to crib about how people fool us for money, cheat us or are selfish. We very proudly pronounce that love doesn’t exist. Rumi said “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it”.
Those who find real joy in getting rather than giving have never experienced true joy that flows from actions of unconditional kindness. If our thoughts and actions are all directed towards the return on investment- what will I get in return once I invest my time, energy and probably money on this particular person? (people even do it with their children!), I am sorry to inform you that you have put out to the Universe that sense of deficiency and greed, that it is bound to come back to you in some form someday. When you give unconditional love to someone - you have put out to the Universe the infinite divine energy that flows in you. You are bound to receive it back in some form some day too.
Be very careful about your thoughts and emotions, you will manifest what dominates your thinking all day. Feel love for yourself, you are the source of supreme happiness and deserve utmost respect. But when we doubt ourselves, begrudge or even slightly curse ourselves, we are disrespecting the divine source that created us and of whom we are a part. In Buddhism, they say you are a Buddha and everyone else around is also a Buddha. Once you understand that- you start showing the reverence, love, compassion and even body posture that you would show if Buddha was just in front of you. And if someone tries to tell you that you aren’t good enough or you are not special or you are not extraordinary. I suggest you to do this- keep silent, do not retaliate, fill yourself with the most positive and loving thoughts for this person and forgive him. I guess that’s what Buddha would have done, if someone told him that he wasn’t good. At no cost, would he destroy his inner peace because of some external agents.
My friend once said we should “wake up empty”. I would like to add to this- Please also “die empty everyday”. There is no use dying or metaphorically going to sleep everyday with your music still on. Give out all the love you have, achieve whatever you want to achieve. Don’t die with unfulfilled love. Give out as much as you can, the Universe is infinite.”Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation”- Rumi