Just another crazy word from my old pages

What cost you to give up your comfort is what you need to love till the end, what humbles you with happiness when garlanded is what you need to cherish till your evening, what breaks the cloudy dawn for you will be the hunger that thrive with fear – not for giving up but for giving in. The eye of the darkness will always keep you at her sight if you look back, for never look back as nothing lies behind, memories are not left behind but carried with – you are to look front, tunnel vision your emerald and sweat all till you have everything to hold the comings.
Within or without, the war is on its way and it will never rest, for comparison is the unit of growth, and be mindful that war has two sides, neither the other is false nor the other is wrong. This war is not between right and the wrong but against one’s belief with the other. Perspective is an overrated power from the Lord for the beings, yet least use those to understand the difference but marked and built their rigid ideologies forgetting it’s just a perspective. He who cries only at night might be in fear or might be respecting the neighbour for he wants no one to see his disturbing and un-calling tears.
Insecurity was an emotion but now it’s something that nets a lot of wealth as used by social organisation in the name of “for the people.” Will you at-least give a break, for I see environmentalist lecturing the farmers. The friend next to you, the partner beside you – they will never be your cure, stop leaning on them for nature will drag both in straight angles. Your mobility is to be locked in your consciousness, you will grow and growth happens when the breakage favours, you will leave people on the way, even teams fall, but you – you are to remember that you came alone and you will leave alone.
This is something I believe, for destiny is the prize of your doings. Beyond the mountains and across the ocean – there might be your treasure but nature has her different ways of prizing, for she will prize you not on whether you reach but how hard you worked or tried. Saying so with the green light, try till you get tried and rush when you sweat for there lies your prize not the sparkles across the ocean. Words are forgotten, actions are forgiven but feelings are bored – so make the person who matters to you feel right about you.
Worked hard or hardly worked, cried hard or hardly cried, sweat hard or hardly sweated, nothing in the universe will understand your doings but if your honesty is high hosted by you, flourishing roses, silver statues will be your reward. Remember that he who smiles might impact the other with happiness but what’s behind the smile lies the valley of secrets that’s drawn in the heart of the carrier. No one knows you better than you.
Every para of my writing is all the fragment and fractured thoughts of mine, nothing but something of mostly many I encountered lessoned me, therefore I shared some with you. Those voices in you, those feelings in you, those wants and hungers in you, serve them right - for they might live in your fear now, you may blanket them under your will but one day when consciousness hits your late hours, when life knocks hard, when judgement day calls for an important question, if you walked over the mountain and across the ocean unfulfilled, you will regret the entire life your lived, the times you wasted, the people you feared, life will trailer hell before it really starts. The writer can be reached at [email protected]