Hindi Divas observed

By  Our  Staff  Reporter
IMPHAL, Sep 15 :The Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy, Imphal observed the Hindi Divas function on September 14, at 10 am at the main auditorium of the Academy.
The function was attended by P Bilash Singh, RK Nabindra Singh, M Achoubi singh, K Ibohal Singh and A Brajakumar Sharma as presidium members. M Achoubi Singh, K Ibohal Singh, A Brajakumar Sharma also attended as resource persons of the function and spoke about the significance of Hindi language.
The message sent by Amit Shah, Union Home Minister, Anand Kumar Singh, Secretary Ministry of Culture and Dr. Rita Swamy  Choudhary, Secretary, Sangeet Natak academy Delhi were also read out before the audience.
The competition on Hindi Kavita Path and Tatkalin Bhashan was held in two categories, one for the employees and the other for the students.
Around 40 persons  participated in the competition and SOPs were followed as issued by the Government.