Belated Happy Birthday

Free Thinker
Whether you are 70 or 80 it doesn't matter as long as you are strong and able to lead the nation and serve the people. In this unprecedented difficult time culminated by an unusual pandemic it is all the more difficult to serve the people. Our civilization, economy and even our own existence is under threat. It is a very challenging time and standing with the famished and hapless is the need of the hour.
After a certain stage in public life you don't think of indulging in malpractices and corruption.But the human tendency to give key positions to the loyal followers is quite natural. Doing a few things in favour of the party members is not considered a vice. It is indeed necessary for running the system smoothly and without hindrance. But favouring someone for some consideration is frowned upon. Merit plus loyalty ought to be the yardstick.
Prof Rakesh Sinha, a vocal Member of the Upper House of Parliament said he is a leader who believes in decolonising discourses but also practices the same. Once upon a time we thought that we wouldn't be able to survive or sustain without the help of a colonial master or super power. Today we have established ourselves in almost all spheres. The pace of development is much faster now. Though the pandemic has slowed us down a little bit, our speed of progress will accelerate and we will move ahead . At the same time we are restoring  the  greatness of our ancient civilization and culture.
Perhaps a few things are on his mind. The economic activities must be encouraged to go on otherwise the negative growth will take more lives than the virus. Our endeavour to create history and to bring out a viable vaccine for humanity  will give the required boost and confidence. We must be one among the first to create the right vaccine. Once we have it our economy will bounce back.
The option before us  is either to save the economy or to save  lives . Though human lives are more precious than economic growth, we can't deny the inevitability of resources (economy) to sustain lives. So it is a very tricky situation. A balance has to be worked out. The leadership comprehends it better.
The best part of the  leadership is that no one can say that he has done this or that for his children or family or relatives; everyone knows he has  already liberated yourself  from nepotism. This is the biggest advantage. Many of our leaders carry this baggage. In fact they can't de-link themselves from family and kins.
Someone asked what are the three biggest achievements of this man. A Saffron leader responded that your question is not proper; achievements are for lesser mortals; he left home at an early age and devoted 50 years of his precious life in the service of the people; then he has got the God given opportunity to serve the whole nation. First, he has gained the love of millions of people. Second, the majority of the people have posed confidence in him and consequently he has come back to power for the second time.Third, he has nothing to lose in life except to dedicate himself to the cause of the nation till he retires in the Himalayas of Mahadev.