Master and student

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
Where have we reached with exquisite advancement of technology? We have reached a place where we have infinite opportunity to learn and make a better version of ourselves sitting on the sofa.
Nowadays you can learn meditation, Tai Chi sitting at home and we complain about technology? Yes, there are two perspectives on this, when in the early days someone had to learn a skill say meditation. He would have to find a teacher, then travel a large distance overcoming all obstacles to reach the teacher, then impress the teacher and be accepted as his/her student and last but not the least, he had a responsibility to pass on that skill as a tradition to the future generation.
Since there was so much to do, a person understood that this is what he really wants to do, come what may, the person was determined to learn (Passion).
 Apart from that just till the journey of being accepted or rejected as a student- the person already learn endurance, patience, hardwork, consistency, persistence. Now even when the teacher accepted the student, the student had to be strict restrictions of diet, sleep, daily chores, learning and what not. This part made the student totally surrender to a higher self than him. That’s why people in their earlier days called their teachers more than even gods. Because complete surrender requires unconditional love and complete trust. Post the death of the teacher or the student now becoming fully skilled, he already had a mission in life to give away what he knows to others. And there comes purpose. He lives his life with a mission and purpose.
According to me, people who make a career after struggling a lot, giving up their food, family, luxuries know what I am talking about. But, people for whom either god was very kind or parents were too loving (nothing is wrong about it), but sometimes they do not learn what struggle of basic necessities make a man worth.
 Instead of using your social media, your internet packs on various other things, please use your time, energy and money to become better.
We are all guests on this planet, lets rejoice each moment and try to learn through various teachers- they are all there around you. You just have to look and observe with an open and the world will be full of opportunities to seek and learn.