Need to follow the basics of new normal Unlock 4 stage on

Unlock 4 is on, but get the bare facts straight. The virus is nowhere near being neutralised, and hence Unlock 4 should be seen as a design to help reactivate economic activities. The line, “move out only when absolutely necessary,” should ring more true now than ever before. It is not yet clear whether  the infection spread of the virus has peaked here or whether one can expect to see more and more infection in the coming days and this is why there is all the more reason why people would need to be extra cautious. Unlock 4 or give it any name, but the fact is the virus is still out there and the infection is spreading with each passing day. So is the death rate. This is the grim truth and this is a fact that should not be lost on anyone. Maintain the three guidelines which have been laid down by the World Health Organisation-maintain physical or social distancing, always wear a face mask while stepping out and wear it the right way, wash one’s hands frequently and avoid socialising in crowded places. Flatten the curve. This is the best way forward and with many experts predicting that the situation can get more complex with the onset of winter, one cannot be too careful. Even if markets are open, go for the day’s shopping only when it is absolutely necessary. All easy and effective means to stay safe from the virus. The only question is whether the people have it in them to demonstrate a bit of discipline and demonstrate that not getting infected also means keeping others safe from the virus. Unlock 4 is now on, but it is important for everyone to realise that the process of unlocking has been taken up keeping in mind the need to restart economic activities. Learn to live with the virus, is the bottomline.
The new normal. This is what everyone should have adapted to a long time back, ever since the first stage of the Nationwide lockdown was imposed in the latter part of March. Now that Unlock 4 is on, driven  by compulsion much more than neutralising the virus, everyone will need to stick by the new normal. As stated earlier here, maintain social distancing, wash one’s hands regularly with soap and water or with an alcohol based hand sanitiser and don’t move around in crowded places. Learn to stand in a queue while lining up to buy anything from the store-maintain physical distancing. This will help all concerned. And don’t move out without a face mask. This should be the new mantra of life. The safety of everyone-this is the bottomline. Now with Unlock 4 on and with the Centre not giving any hints that that there can be another Nationwide lockdown, it is time for everyone to adapt to the new lifestyle. As stated earlier here, it is still unclear if Manipur has peaked or not, but the figures should tell its own story. Every single day  the number of new positive cases here is above 100 and for a small State like Manipur, this is a huge number by any stretch of the imagination. Move out, but do it with a sense of responsibility. Wear the face mask, maintain social distancing and wash one’s hands regularly with soap and water or with a hand sanitiser. Following these three basics can certainly go a long way in curbing the spread of the virus.