Is it hard to become a celebrity in Manipur?


Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam

As I sat down, I was served the maple tea I brought from Canada for Galaxy’s family the other day. The 1980s SONY TV welcomed me and Lenin Pebam with an amazing Manipuri music album. Well! With all due respect - ‘yes’ the quality and content of the film industry in Manipur stand as the best or one of the best in all over North East India. But today - let me just be the most hated critic.
Before I meltdown - how important is media to you? How importantly media and society, in general, get affected when media embarks with just entertainment? Why all albums have to be just for romance? How can media influence the coming generations? How can media corrupt psychologies in the name of trends?
We went on for a few songs in a row - no interruption. Swear to my believer - not a single came that’s not romance. With no doubt - love is what’s required but the organized trend of dating is not what I see as a long term love. It’s more of the lack of album idea - the industry seems to have stuck in a romanticized comfort, it's hard to see just the equipment getting older but not the concept.
“Why is the most important platform being used as a market for urgent fame?” Lenin Pebam erupted as always with all his deep craziness. “Yes, the short cut to fame,” galaxy oiled it more. Just before I flavoured it, at the top of the available vocal apex, Lenin Pebam yelled, “KARINO MOI NA PANG KAP TA KAPPISHIBU, EI DI PENLABANI,” swear to everything - all in the room break into the best laughter because we all had that commonality in that comment for I and rest were about to say the same as well. Funny but true - most seem to have gone towards the side of sadism. Seem to like tears over smiles. Sadly - that is not just an idea to please ears and eyes but it’s affecting the psychology of the viewers.
“Just like empowerment comes when we stop talking about empowering,” I said. Rest looked at me for being so un-linked and Galaxy said, “NG KEI NISHA CHARINO.” “They are showing so many things to not do - it might turn into an advertisement for those who don’t even know what to and not to do because curiosity has no boundaries - for Elon Musk is trying to start his real estate in Mars. Still don’t get it? Well - I will show you how amazing is using drugs and still tell you that it’s bad for health, ring a bell? People love opening with expectation,” I stormed in. “What do you mean by people love opening with expectation?” Lenin interrupted.
I took a deep breath and smiled like it means something and then went on, “Do you like to explore what’s behind if you see a bit of what’s behind to see the whole picture? Or just storm into places you have no glimpse of what’s beyond or behind? Research says the first option. So, if you show them how to smoke, how amazing you feel if you smoke and then tell them to not for it’s bad at the end, do you think that’s how you stop?
No. Fear is attractive but unknowns are unattractive, it’s better to not talk than to scare them with an advertisement.” I rest my case.
The whole conversation went sideways - from normalcy to the deep psychology. Before we change the channel, Galaxy said, “ÄDU ADA KHANGDEY SOMA GA AMTADI ALBUM NAMGEYSEY NAHA OIRINGAIDA, MI SINGSU PANGTOU TOUNEI.”
Well, seems Galaxy just said the truth of how a single instinct can give birth to a celebrity in a family in Manipur.
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