Life moves on

Themneivah Sitlhou
Contd from previous issue
But we are blinded with fear and pride to accept our weakness. We must learn to accept ourselves because it is us who know the best of ourselves. Peace must begin within ourselves for us to move on. We must learn to forgive ourselves. We must give ourselves a chance to do better and to love better. Every human being had a dark side of their life. There are painful memories which haunt us and sometimes awake us at night. We should learn to forgive others, even those who don't deserve it because there is no peace of mind in holding a grudge. Hating and blaming is a waste of time with no answer. It is none other than for our sake, we must forgive so that we can move on. What if we can't forget our past unless we are prone from memory loss?! Yes the fact will not change but we can change on how we perceive it. We should instead use this opportunity to become stronger and explore the world with more positivity. When we accept our past, there is always a new path and hope that awaits us. As mentioned earlier, time does not delay. If it does, it is us who is stuck. So the earlier we learn, the more we move on.
There are lots of people who stumble at one point of their life. It may be because of heartbreak, loss of life, pains and many more. They think that it is the end of their life and they felt hopeless. If you think so, yes you are hopeless as long as you stick to your past. Note that every single person in this world is fighting their own battle. The one who learns to accept every circumstance and snatch the good ones and dispatch the bad ones are the lucky one in this world. If they can, why can't you??! Only if we learn to accept ourselves, there will be less depression. Remember nothing lasts forever in this world so do problems and pains. There is always a new day after a gloomy night.
Life is a mystery and even our existence itself is. Every religion interprets the theory of life differently. But we all have a common belief that the good doers are rewarded in life and life after death. What if you are an atheist!!? Not to mention religion, every good person is rewarded with love, respect and good names. In life what we give is what we receive that is what we call karma and none can escape it. So we should live our life cautiously. We should enjoy our life but very carefully. We should learn, forgive, grow stronger and accept our flaws to move forward because life moves on, and we should catch up with it. We should know the purpose of our existence. Why don't you make your life the best journey ?