Please induct me as Minister

Constitutionally speaking the State of Manipur can have 12 Ministers . Now we have only 11; one vacancy exists. If there is no deserving candidate or no taker , leadership may consider my name to induct in the Council of Ministers ; I won't mind . I humbly believe that Raj Bhawan will also be excited to induct me in the Council. I don't have any ego problems, so I may be sworn in as Minister of State or even as a Deputy Minister but not as Parliamentary Secretary. I strongly believe that in my swearing in ceremony all the MLAs, Ministers including the Hon. Presiding Officer will come.
The leadership may  kindly assign me the portfolio of floor management in the 'House' so as to make the present dispensation move on for another one and half years or till the next election. This job is not an easy task. Many unsuccessful netas believe that I can somehow manage the majority of the treasury bench in any given situation. If I flunk in my calling I may be hanged at the nearest lamppost in and around the Legislative complex  (hanging for sometime, not till death).
Leadership may now check my credentials and send it to the High Command/Highest Command immediately. Perhaps the competent authority is eagerly waiting for that because they realise the inevitability of a number manager, who can manage the required magic figure every now and then without causing collateral damages. After all democracy is all about numbers.
The nomenclature of the new ministry or department may be given as Ministry of Number Management or simply Department of Number Management. This is going to be an important department as it will have direct bearing on the survival and sustenance of the Govt. I believe such a significant department will be required for other States too particularly for small States ; because number management is an unending exercise for the existence of their Government. So it is suggested that such a department ought to be set up in other States too. Here, in my State, I shall be the first Minister of the Department of Number Management. Wow, I am excited.
One Parivar leader asked me, in the present fluid situation when the number is dramatically fragile, how will you maintain the number ? I told him, "Sir this is a secret, I can't share with you". He insisted I open up otherwise (hinting) he won't recommend my name. Then reluctantly I disclosed that many members of a prominent party are willing to extend support at the cost of their membership of their own party. Their demands are very simple - they should not be harassed, intimidated or put under any ignominious inquiry; and secondly they have another modest demand of hiking the Local Area Development Fund just by one crore to fight both Covid and election. Third, few of them express their willingness to contest their next election from the Saffron platform ( that we can't guarantee ). Compliance with the first two demands will serve the purpose; we will have the magic number anyday.
How to deal with the unhappy MLAs and seemingly revolting ex- Ministers, is another challenge. There is also a fair way to appease them too; it may sound very bullish but it will work if High Command calls them and give onerous responsibilities ; for instance they may be assigned respectable party posts at the national or regional level - National VP etc. And at the same time the assurance must also be given that their work done as ministers will not be undone.
Then how to handle the tricky task of portfolio distribution to the newly appointed Ministers. They may be allowed to function without portfolios for the time being. Give them some number assignment. A minister who can manage the support of 3 MLAs must be given top priority, 2 MLAs next priority and so on and so forth. Important portfolios may be given according to their number ability.
Frankly I asked the Hon.Presiding Officer whether he is taking or not. Since he is quite protocol conscious he declined the offer. If he is not taking the next person to whom they can offer the vacant post is automatically the number manager. The incumbent number manager will not accept such a small thing because he is big a leader.His lieutenant may not accept because he carries the outsider tag .Ultimately it should come to me for the simple reason that I am applauded not only by the Parivar  but also by the High Command for wishing him
"Belated Happy Birthday" in an unusual style; moreover I am not ambitious - MOS or Dy Minister will do. I don't  even need a Car or a Room or staff; I will simply manage.
A minister who for any period of six consecutive months is not a member of the Legislature of the State shall at the expiration of that period cease to be a minister, contemplated by Article 164(4) .I don't mind putting my papers before the completion of 6 months. If the leadership is satisfied with my performance I may be reinducted  instantly. Raj Bhavan may abhor it but  Constitutionally it is bound to go  by the advice of the leader. Vacant post should not go to the highest bidder, Log Kalyan Marg (Race Course Road) is watching. So, I am the best bet ; leadership will be politically, Constitutionally, legally and Single-Maltly strengthened.
Honestly I don't want to contest elections and I am also hundred percent sure that I can't win any election in the State because of my over-qualification. So I know that my ministership will go away within six months. Anyways please fill the vacancy, I am ready. Don't be afraid, we have ample recent hot examples - Jayshanker ji, Uddhav Thakeray ji etc., etc.
" Samu Ma, Samu Ma, bring some milk I want to wash my face ", Mantri Dolansana.