85,362 new cases take India's tally past 59 lakh

New Delhi, Sep 26
More than 85,000 new Covid cases were reported across India in the past 24 hours, Government data showed on Saturday, taking the total number of coronavirus cases in the country past the 59 lakh-mark.
Over 1,000 deaths were also recorded in the past 24 hours, pushing the total number of deaths recorded since the pandemic began past 93,000.
The number of recoveries reported in the past 24 hours is around 93,000 as well, taking the total number of people who have fought off the virus past 48 lakh.
Around 13.4 lakh Covid tests were also conducted in the past 24 hours. India is the second worst-affected country by the Covid pandemic, second only to the United States in the total number of active cases.
On September 6, India topped Brazil's coronavirus tally to follow the United States as the second most affected country in the world.