Your inner voice - dominant or dormant?

There is a dormant sixth sense/ intuitive feeling in all of us that is beyond our dominant five senses. We usually aren’t able to comprehend it because we are too consumed in what we can see, touch, smell and taste.
This feeling that you have inside/strong urge that is inside of you - does not need a voice, doesn’t have a sound, does not knock when it comes and don’t even say goodbyes when it goes, we cant see it in any physical form, but its effect on us is intense and immense. We all came on this planet to live,but aren’t we all just wanting to run away so fast and far that nothing can catch us, nothing can braid us in to the present and so that we can feel the moment. We all want to be free of our present,past and future.
These feelings, this aura, this space where you can feel every breath and heartbeat. You are in a zone where no one can touch you, the sensing of the five sense organs kind of stops. All you feel is light, a guidance from the supreme that everything will seem working, you would have to put no extra effort. You will just flow with life. When someone asks me what is my five year plan, I smirk and think I do not know whether I will be alive or dead in the next five days. When we make plans, it is not at all wrong, but always thinking about them and being so caught up that we cant enjoy the present moment is the problem.
When you start taking each suffering as a problem you have tosolve/come out victorious from, your life transforms. Your approach becomes more solution oriented than problem oriented.  You have all the capability and capacity to achieve anything that you have in your mind, and I write these words very seriously, have total belief in that damn thing and surrender to god.
Surrender in faith and in the feeling of service. Your mind strategy is small infront of the grand plan that god has for you. In these years I have realized that I am no more than a vehicle of god. Pray everyday that your presence in people’s life lights up their day, you are of some service to them.
This kind compassionate voice that’s inside of us is usually dormant. Make it a dominant feeling and see how easy life becomes.
 Believe in this voice or feeling and take decisions on it. It will help you come out of your comfort zone, maybe push you a little more, but always listen to this inner calling, it can guide you better and more than anyone else.