Just a story of growth

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Let me start hard today - have any of your seniors travelling with you - stopped by, just to point at some people working as hotel boys or dishwashers to take them as a motivational factors, so that you will study hard not to be like them ? And to only grow up as an officer to talk about equality. My ears are all with fake motivational echoes of “if you want to live like a king then work under nobody, work for yourself, start something for yourself.” Let me tell you something that makes me wonder at times, “what really is a job that works under nobody ?” Working under no body is not about you being on top but doing something you love to do even if you are on line.
The only motivation in life is growth, people work hard for money, people go for extra classes to get promotions in their work field, people won’t stop doing all sort of these things because people seek growth in life. But again when it comes to the growth, a big question comes for how they measure the height of their growth ? It is funny yet interesting for some people’s growth or target point is the step ahead of their neighbour or one inch ahead of their best friend. Life is more like that of Physics, motion and speed are completely defined by the frame of reference. If your bank account has 5000 rupees and your target is Bill Gate’s bank account ? You are barely moving, for you are the moving car with the frame of reference as moon. I understand every inch of movements count in life but for seeing the big pictures, until it’s noticeable, you are still at rest. And keeping big frame of references might result in losing interest and charisma. But let’s change the frame of reference here, if you make your frame of reference as the starting opening balance of your bank account, you really have made a huge growth in saving 5000 rupees which will motivate you to make more target which are achievable in short period of time.
Let’s not forget that we are still a part of animal kingdom so, patience is just a story for journey novels. We hate waiting, look at the dog’s trainers or parrot trainers, they give them something every-time they do something small, which keep them motivated.
Let’s take that animal science in you, when you wake up in the morning, before you set your foot off the bed for the day, open your diary and write all the things you want to complete by the end of the day.
And after your day ends, before you go to bed for sleeping, open up what you pushed in the morning and check how much did you keep your word. That slight practice will give you pride, confidence and something very important, “YOUR SPEED,” now you will know your speed. So, you can now do a little Physics and plan your goals accordingly and you will never be disappointed again. People sometimes set unrealistic goals by writing stuffs on their wall without knowing their speed only to get unsatisfied and lose themselves.
After you know your speed, you have to look for the distances and intervals you need. For you to be a CEO of a company, you can’t rush in a year until you are TONY STARK, so you need to see all the requirements, the distances and the intervals.
Once you do this, something will go away from your life, “competing with others unnecessarily” because by this time you know two things, your “SPEED” and “DISTANCE.” This won’t make you feel sad when your best-friend gets promoted to the next level faster than you. This will make you realize everyone has different speeds in life.
To the person who is reading this article, don’t be sad because your friend learns faster than you or your friend gets more marks than you. All you have to do is focus on your speed. Life is not a race, it does not matter if he is ahead of you, all you have to remember is, “You are not stopping, you are still moving and life’s not a race but a journey.” It’s not about how much you travelled but it’s about how well you spent your journey.

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