No knowledge of KTU, it has no mandate of the Kukis even if it exists: KIM

Our Correspondent
KANGPOKPI, Sep 30: The Kuki Inpi Manipur has proclaimed that it has no knowledge of an organization called Kuki Tribal Union (KTU) and even if it exists, it does not have any mandate of the Kukis.
The apex body maintained that the so called KTU which reaffirmed its continued support towards the NSCN-IM, based on the FA signed between the militant outfit and the Govt of India, in some local daily news only exposed the depravity of the organization, Such claims of supporting the NSCN-IM are made time and again by a few rag-tag groups who do not have the mandate of the people they supposedly claimed to represent, it had added. The presumed Kuki Tribal Union, far from being an organization of the Kukis, is an organization which has no creed, no credence and absolutely has no mandate of the Kuki people, it said. The Kuki Inpi Manipur urged the so called Kuki Tribal Union to henceforth, keep their thoughts confined to themselves and refrain from playing to the tunes of their leaders in the NSCN-IM and also to stop commenting in the name of the Kuki community.