Yet another bomb from my two brothers

As we journeyed down - Lenin Pebam broke the silence of the three packed Alto LXI - Galaxy at the back seat and I as the second driver. Never had such a juicy conversation in a moving car. “What’s your ego?” Ask Lenin to the handsome passenger behind. Blank - showed his expression. If the question was for me, I could have said it’s my height, well! Sorry - I am kindda expressive when it comes to height.
Bringing you back to the story - “Your body!” The pandora opened. Never wanted to take that with any short of seriousness. But it opened me - do I need more explanation? Well! I asked him - “means?” He smiled - well am not homophobic but I swear - that smile made me a little uncomfortable. “The moment your soul leaves your body, you are just a bubble that broke and merged. You are what’s inside - same like all - what’s covering is where you are working on and that’s your ego.” Bang! That was just deep.
Let’s be honest - I know it’s nothing like rocket science but you are nothing without your body. Just a soul - whatever experience you have is from your five senses and most importantly those five senses are just all about external - Your Body.
The constructive talk went on - “Manipur has most of all and sundry but what not?” Threw another question from the Alto LXI owner. Now galaxy and I gave up answering coz everything from him was a twist with a truth. We stared for the key - THE ANSWER. Knowing he was waited - he was extending the pause to keep up the demand. “Self Development class,” result out. “Hmmm!” A big sigh from both, before we went on for the next - “Body, Mind & Soul needs to be taken as the three wheels of life and can’t be ignored. For - it now seems to be just garlanded over body leaving the other two wheels behind.” Another jaw dropping wink from the - you know who! - Audi LXI owner, sorry it’s Alto. But yes, it’s so much of the truth in there - we seem to have reached most of all in every field but less seem to not go inside to see the start. The most important development of all is the - SELF, yet people are so much oriented with the illusional body - that you will leave one day for you borrowed it for just a period.
Out of nowhere, Galaxy yelled, “Why is everyone so crazy about government jobs?” That startled all in the Audi - well I won’t correct about the car this time. Jokes apart - yes, why? I mean he is not that wrong for I see that as a happening truth. “With so much restrictions - our limitations has adapted with the vision, creating a limited life as a comfortable life. Before finding what they are good at, if they are just a line to fill up an empty post in a government office, that will be nothing but a lined up consequence to bring a dimmer future for all. For - what is a skill? Won’t be a question but how much you earn will live on making this society a handful jerks of money chasers or crossed job workers,” galaxy fired up the conversation.
To put more flavour in the conversation, Lenin park his Audi at the side, the vehicle behind yelled, “NOI SHI RA GEY RO.” Well! We were so much in the conversation, that turned to just a street noise. “Why don’t the school give a chance to explore the rights and wrongs but just confining to few options? Why not make the students find the skills? Why just try our best to best fit not best stand out? Something is so wrong to keep with the system which is already messed up,” Lenin went crazy.
You know what? I was drowning in my own thoughts - its the thoughts from the other two as well. “We are Drowning in Information while Starving for Wisdom,” another bomb from Lenin while I was trying to take a break from the thoughts.
Well! Sunday 6th August, yet another amazing eventful page of my life. I don’t have answers but yes, I know there are more who think like us or more than you, let’s all do something together - let’s make something today that was supposed to happen yesterday.
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