Noting post Covid complications Getting more worrisome

This is getting more worrisome. Just a day after a health official informed The Sangai Express that the virus which causes COVID-19 is mutating and has grown ‘stronger’, Medical Superintendent of RIMS, Professor Ch Arunkumar came out with the disturbing information that at least two individuals who had gone back home after recovering from COVID-19 died after developing health complicacy. In one statement, the Medical Superintendent underlined the need for the health authorities to keep a close tab on the health of all those who have reportedly recovered from the virus infection. In other words, the fight against coronavirus goes beyond the stage of ‘recovered’ for no one seems to know how much damage the virus could have caused to the human body while it was still active. Take the observation and understanding of Professor Arunkumar with what Health Minister  and BJP strongman of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma had to say on September 4 and the picture should get a little clearer. It was not without a reason why Himanta Biswa Sarma went on record to tell the press that many who have been treated for COVID-19 and who showed negative results went on to develop complications like fibrosis and had to return to hospital. No record, said Himanta Biswa Sarma but added that a majority among a thousand people are estimated to have died due to post COVID-19 complications. A major concern, this is what the Assam Health Minister said and what is noteworthy is the fact that the Assam Government has acknowledged that many have died due to post COVID-19 complications and did not seek to sweep it under the carpet.
What Professor Ch Arunkumar has had to say is also in line with what Himanta Biswa Sarma had admitted. The only thing is whether Manipur has the record of how the recovered patients are being kept on track. Is the State Government following up on the health conditions of those who have recovered ? The Professor from RIMS was able to give two examples, but one wonders if there could be other instances which could have been missed out. Or better still, is there any mechanism in place to follow up on those who have recovered ? Given the increasing number of positive cases and deaths as well, this may be a tough task to follow but this should be no reason why a mechanism should not be put in place to follow up on the well being of those who have recovered and have been discharged from hospitals or Covid Care Centres. Nothing should be left to chance and to the mantra trace, test and treat the time may well be right to add another one and that is follow up. It will also be line for the Government to work out a mechanism on how to keep a data of those who have recovered but have developed other complications after being discharged. A tough line this may be but this is a pandemic that everyone is dealing with and as stated earlier nothing should be left to chance. A follow up, keeping the records and taking up steps to deal with any post Covid complications may also be just what the doctor prescribed to make the fight against the virus more meaningful.