"Sensitization must to restrain youth from drug abuse"

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jan 10 : With a bid to curb issue of drug abuse in the State, Manipur Students' Federation (MSF) has organised a one-day workshop at AMUCO's office at Kwakeithel today.
Speaking as a resource person during the programme organised on the theme 'Drug use prevention', Khuraijam Anil stressed on the importance of keeping youngsters away from intoxicants.
Youngsters, who are immature and unaware of the ill consequences, tend to easily get addicted to intoxicants and thus an extensive sensitization and counselling about ill effects of drug abuse is very much necessary to help refrain themselves from intoxicating substances.
Delivering introductory speech, RK Gunikanta, consultant of MSF Drug Affairs committee, highlighted the effects of drug addiction.
Drug addiction has its ill effects, mentally and physically and socially at large, he said while adding that timely counselling and sensitization as the key to avert the perilous situation. To ensure success of the sensitization programme, the role of the society is also immense, he continued.
Addiction to drugs is greatly influenced by environmental factors, said Gunikanta who also delved into the significance of prohibition of sale of intoxicants in the proximity of education institutes.
AMUCO's president, Nando Luwang, who was one of the presidium members attending the event, asserted that the movements against drugs and its abuse has failed to make much headway till date.
The failure is due to various loopholes, he said while expressing that reduction of the hold of drug menace over the State or complete eradication of it can only be achieved by cutting off the route leading towards consumption.
The future of the society will remain dark if the issue of drug abuse and rampant consumption of alcohol remains uncontrolled, added Nando with deep concern.
The workshop was also attended by MSF president, Sazad Bhuiyamayum; president of All Manipur Women's Voluntary Association, Y Kunjarani; president of Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba, Manipur, Longjam Memchoubi and Associate Professor, Dr Priyadarshini M Gangte.