Barak, Makru bridges completion target shifted


Barak, Makru bridges comp
By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jan 10: With the construction of Makru and Barak bridges on Imphal-Jiribam highway further delayed, the completion tar-get has been shifted to April.
Notably, a tentative schedule was worked out for inauguration of the two vital bridges within the current month.
On account of prohibition on movement of heavy trucks within the State of Meghalaya, heavy trucks transporting several components for the two bridges were stranded for many days and this delayed the bridge construction works by around 25 days, sources informed.
Whereas labourers from outside the State could not arrive at the work sites due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local labourers were found not suited for the job, according to the sources.
Trailers carrying heavy components for Barak and Makru bridges were halted in Meghalaya and the trailers got stranded for almost 25 days.
After a gap of around 25 days, bridge components transported in a single trailer were divided between two trailers. Even as the bridge components were transported in two trailers after being delayed for several days, the trailers were further delayed due to some untoward incidents on the highways, said the sources.
Nonetheless, the components have already arrived at the work sites. The components have been assembled and the launching work is going on.
While CRPF has been guarding the Barak Bridge work site, IRB has been providing security cover at Makru Bridge work site.
Heavy machinery are being used in launching the bridge components.
As there were many incidents of abduction of engi- neers and officials, all efforts were being invested to ensure that there is no security lapse, said the sources.
Every time an engineer or an official was abducted, the bridge construction work was delayed considerably as other engineers and officials were afraid of visiting the work sites.
With the launching of bridge components now going on in full swing, Makru Bridge is likely to be completed by the last week of February and the Barak Bridge in March.  Thus, the two bridges are most likely to be inaugurated in April, said the sources.
However, our Jiribam correspondent quoting the Deputy Project Manager of Bharatia Infra Project Limited (BIPL) reports that construction of both Barak and Makru bridges would be completed by the end of  February.