Poorly maintained slur raised

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jan 13: An allegation has been raised that dispensing units of retail outlets (petrol pumps) opening under Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) are not maintained on time.
As per a report received by The Sangai Express, fixing this dispensing unit as and when required is the responsibility of the IOCL to ensure uninterrupted fuel supply.
However, many of the dispensing units are forced to shun business when some snags develop due to lack of response from IOCL, the source continued.
The report further claimed that faulty dispensing units or with one nozzle (in the case of double nozzle fuel dispenser) impaired are sometimes kept for about a year without fixing, despite complaining to the IOCL.
This response from the IOCL is akin to forcing oil pump operators to seek help from a third party as and when maintenance is needed, it said adding that unavailability of parts of dispensing units in Imphal is another problem that is troubling the pump operators.
There is a dispensing unit here broken in December last year but not attended till date, it said.
Saying that that maintenance service should be readily made available to the oil pumps for the hours it operates, the report continued that the maintenance service being rendered to retail outlets in the State is distressing.
However, as per an official report received from the IOCL, dispensing units given to the retail outlets are bought from authorised firms and its maintenance should be done under the original manufacturer.
The yearly, as well as emergency maintenance service, is also provided by the authorised firm as per annual maintenance contract.
Looking after this dispensing unit is the duty of IOCL and a complaint of the retail outlets should be addressed within 24-48 hours depending on the distance from its divisional office. The required parts should also be brought by the engineer concerned.
Without the authorisation of IOCL, repairing the broken dispensing unit is not permitted and violating this would be considered a violation of dealers agreement.