Bhuban cave: Holy place of the TRC people

Dr Budha Kamei
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All Gods saw a possible way to bring peaceful settlement of the issue. Therefore, Kouja and Tairong (Kapu-Kana), presiding deities as marriage negotiators were sent to the residence of Bisnu to finalise the marriage proposal. Thus, the marriage proposal between Diphungpu and Dikoilunglu was settled with the consent of Bisnu. As per custom, bride price was given. Bride price consisted of Laogai (iron-hoe), Bui (spear), Bang (dao), Tu (necklace), Ta (armlets), Loidu Bangmei khat (a white cock) etc. After marriage Dikoilunglu sat idle since there was no sound of birds, no flowers blooming; and Charasinglangpui sent Dikoilunglu to her father’s place to request him to reinstate all the things that he had taken away. After hearing the request of his daughter Bisnu blessed her. She returned to Pouna Hills and lived there happily. Thus normalcy returned. After normalcy had been returned, Ragwang told to Gods, men that “Today, my son marrying the daughter of my elder brother (Bisnu) is tabooed and prohibited, but it is done to save the whole divine world from destruction.” Because of this reason, the practice of Tanpui-Tanpu (marriage within the clan) is unacceptable in the TRC society.
1. Ragwang resides at Mt. Koubru and is the king of the Gods of Lower Realm. He is worshipped for well being and prosperity.  
2. The abode of Bisnu is at holy cave at Bhuvan Hills, Cachar, Assam. He is the most powerful God on earth who looks after the affairs of men, nature and animals and communicated with men. He is worshipped by the TRC people during the pilgrimage to His holy cave.
3. Napsinmei’s abode is at the peak of Napsinmei Hill (Phourungba) of Ganglon Namthan in the old Cachar Road. He looks after food grains. He is worshipped to have abundant food grains.
4. The residence of Chonchai is at Mt. Kasuakbut in Taosang Khullen village in Tamenglong District. He looks after the health of men.
5. Charakilongmei lives at a mountain peak of Benna village (Thonglang) at the western spur of Koubru Mountain. He is in charge of keeping peace and ward off any disturbances on earth.
6. Koklou resides at the Peak over the Pongringlong village in the Koubru Mountain. He is the Peipou, owner of the office of the God’s Court.
7. Karangong is believed to reside at Puching (Khebachig) in Tamenglong. He is the healer of man suffering from dizziness and a teaser of unruly and misbehaved persons particularly youth. He is worshipped for health purposes.
The seven brother Gods are worshipped on the last day of Gaan-Ngai festival as Raren Loumei every year for the welfare and longevity of life of the village community.
After observing the above facts, we can conclude that the TRC people worship multiple Gods but they give great emphasis to the worship of Tingkao Ragwang.  Tingkao Ragwang is the creator, operator and destroyer.  Bhuban cave is the abode of Lord Bisnu, the eldest son of Charasinglupui who transmits the divine message of Tingkao Ragwang to the people of TRC. He is the most powerful God on earth and looks after the affairs of men on earth. It is in the Bhuban cave the point of reformation of indigenous religion started. Because of these factors Bhuban cave is the holy place of Tingkao Ragwang Chapriak people.
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