Becoming mommy- Yes or No?

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
Motherhood is a beautiful feeling. However, it is a known fact  now that a lot of Gen X and Gen Z girls feel uncomfortable talking or even thinking about  having a  child. I  write  about  this  issue  because I understand either we are overworked or we feel there is so much to do in life and career still.  Is now the right time? Thoughts crop up like- We haven’t travelled the world, how now? That promotion- would  I  be  still  eligible? Will my boss cooperate? Shall my expenses mount up tremendously? Can I take this responsibility at  all? I  love and enjoy my freedom, what will happen to that? What does my husband want? and so on.
These thoughts keep cropping up in our minds and its pretty normal to experience a surge of emotions. It is not abnormal to feel dicey. Even when a woman conceives, she might have two minds and that is okay. Is having a child a life changing experience? Yes, sure it is. For good or for bad? Like there are pros and cons for factually everything in life- the same applies here. Will your life slow down? Yes, it does. For a few years when the child is totally dependent on the mother and the father, but more so physically on the mother directly. Is it very difficult for the father as well? Yes, of course the father is equally involved in the process of rearing of the child. Will the mother’s physical appearance change? Yes, drastically. When you open your wardrobe, you shall have a window shopping experience. You would have everything and nothing would fit in.  Notice, that like everything takes in time to settle in your consciousness, this also will. But with all this normality, I also want to state that the best success is that for which you work the hardest.
The fruits of the most difficult efforts are the sweetest. Becoming a mother is the most beautiful characteristic that was bestowed on a female human body. Right when you understand that you are going to give birth, generate, manifest, create something from your own body- it makes you understand the role and responsibility that nature has given to you only. The moment you conceive the child, it is not just your body that goes through physical changes but also your mind and emotions which also change. The way people respond and react to you around shall also differ- everyone around becomes caring. People say that while the woman is pregnant, take extra care, they advise the woman to hear to calming music, meditate, read good books, eat healthy nutritious food, be in good company, not stress and so on.
Yes, whatever you do and think during pregnancy has a role on how the child becomes. Taking utmost care of yourself and dealing with your pendulous emotions is very difficult. Usually poor husbands bear the brunt of the emotional and hormonal mismanagement and please accept my heartfelt sympathies for the same. Life might slow down for all you ambitious couples, but it doesn’t stop. The meaning of life becomes clearer and becomes hopefully better. Life gathers back its speed again. It's just like a train ride- how when the station approaches the train slows down and then stops and then slowly picks up speed and henceforth becomes normal. It’s a very similar process. Take life like a meaningful journey. Let nature take its course and you will feel beautiful from inside out. Motherhood is a journey where you will learn patience, understand peace and calm, generate unconditional love and listen more than you speak. You might think, you will have to raise the child- but in reality you will get on an ever learning ride. The child will become your best teacher.