Oja Heisnam Kanhailal remembered

IMPHAL, Jan 17: Kalakshetra Manipur has observed the birth anniversary of theatre legend Heisnam Kanhailal at Langol Laimanai, today.
As a part of the observance, Prof Samik Bandyopadhyay from West Bengal delivered a lecture on “Realism in Theatre and Beyond” through video conferencing.
The gatherings paid floral tribute to the portrait of oja Kanhailal, who passed away on October 6, 2016.
Director of Kalakshetra Manipur, Heisnam Tomba said that the birth anniversary was observed for 3 days in the previous, however, this year observance has been reduced to one day due to Covid pandemic.
Artistes of the academy also performed a  play “ Ima Nangi Natambakta”.
Heisnam Kanhailal was a recipient of Padma Shri Civilian Award 2004 and Padma Bhusan Civilian Award 2016.