Teachers condemn

IMPHAL, Jan 17: Teachers of Catholic School Canchipur have strongly condemned the termination of Dr Konthoujam Bishal who is a teacher of the school.
The termination was served after Dr Konthoujam Bishal attended the discussion program 'Manung Hutna' on Impact TV on July 14 last year. He attended as a representative of the teachers of some Catholic schools of the State in the discussion program on the topic 'Conflict of interest on school fees' and spoke about the hardships faced by the private school teachers for not getting salary during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In relation to his termination order, the teachers of the school appealed to the school authority to revoke the order at the earliest and also sought the attention of all concerned to bring an amicable solution.
The teachers further alleged that the termination violates the right to life and is not called for when everyone is going through difficult times due to the pandemic.