Felicitation programme held

IMPHAL, Jan 17
Felicitation programme of newly selected ward members of Nambol Municipal Council and acquaintance programme of intending candidates of Indian National Congress in the upcoming Nambol Municipal Council was held today at the residence of MLA N Loken in Sangaiprou
Speaking at the programme, N Loken said the political campaign in Nambol AC does not go by the traditional BJP vs Congress tag but rather by Loken vs Chaoba tag. He added that his election campaign was centred around nothing but the truth and complete transparency which his workers also follow to the core and continue to do so.
MLA N Loken alleged that before his tenure as MLA started in 1995, none of the villages in Nambol area enjoyed a metalled road, flooding during monsoon was a common sight and development work in the constituency was close to none. He added that after he was elected, irrigation work taken up has ensured that those paddy fields that were uncultivable are cultivable round the year, all the roads have been metalled and none of the houses in his constituency was flooded during the monsoon.
He added that without knowing the condition of the people in the Constituency, no one can compete against him in election as he was well aware of which families were well to do and which families were in need of assistance.