Covid vaccine : What are common, uncommon side effects ?


Covid vaccine : What are
On January 16, India launched world's largest vaccination drive against Covid-19, targeting healthcare and frontline workers in the first phase. According to Health Ministry, a total of 3,81,305 people were vaccinated till Monday and 580 adverse events following vaccination were reported.
Side effects, adverse events, adverse reactions or adverse drug reactions are often used interchangeably, but they do not mean the same. TOI takes a look.
SIDE EFFECTS: Side effects of a drug/vaccine are mostly predictable. The patient is typically warned by the physician or pharmacist to be aware of the effects that could happen while on the therapy.
COMMON SIDE EFFECTS: Common side effects include Redness, tenderness, pain at the site of injection, The feeling of being sick/unwell, Fatigue, Headache, Chills or feeling feverish, Nausea, Muscle pain/ body pain/joint pain, Other flu-like symptoms, including runny nose
These are noticed in 1 in 10 people.
Feeling dizzy, Decreased appetite, Abdominal pain, Excessive sweating (a woman healthcare worker in Wagholi exhibited this uncommon symptom on the first day of vaccination), Itchy skin or rash
ADVERSE EVENTS (AE): Any untoward medical occurrence which does not necessarily have to have a causal relationship with the vaccine is considered an instance of AE. They may be or may not be related to the vaccine.
ADVERSE DRUG REACTION (ADR): When the Adverse Event is found to be related to the vaccine then it is called an adverse drug reaction (ADR). Simply put, ADRs are a subset of AEs, related to the vaccine. When a child gets pentavalent vaccine and gets a fever on the next day, it is an AE related to the vaccine. Hence, it is an ADR. SERIOUS AE & SERIOUS ADR : The AEs (including ADRs) are further classified into serious and non-serious AEs. The Serious Adverse Drug Reactions (Serious ADRs) are those AEs which are proved to be related to the vaccine. Times of India