3 including 2 year old child killed in mishap

Our Correspondent
CCpur, Jan 18 : At least three people, including a 2-year-old boy and his mother were killed around noon today as the truck they were travelling turned turtle and plunged into a 500 feet deep gorge at a location about 3 kms from Singngat sub-divisional headquarters.
Sources said about 8 trucks transporting road construction material were headed for the interior village of Aibulon in Thanlon sub-division when one of the trucks, said to be the last in the group, plunged off-road.
The truck driver Kaplianlal, son of Thangchinkhup of Tangnuam village along with a mother-son duo identified as Lamneihchong (34) wife of Thangkhanlal and Liangunmang, (2), son of Thangkhanlal of Khominthang, New Lamka were reportedly killed on the spot.
Three others including a 6-year-old brother of the deceased minor also sustained injuries. The injured were identified as Lunmuansang (6) son of Thangkhanlal of Khominthang; Ginlalsuan (38) of G Bualjang and Chinsuanlian (24) of Tangnuam. They are said to have escaped with no major injuries.
Though it is not exactly clear how the truck loaded with stone chips turned turtle sources said it is very likely that dust spawned by the vehicles moving before them might have blocked the drivers view and led to the tragic mishap.
The truck suffered serious damage during the fall as both the front wheels came off and the driver’s cabin too parted with the other parts. It also took a good time for the rescuers to move both the dead and injured up to the road.