JCILPS for more teeth to ILPS Don’t create vacuums

The ILP System currently extended to the State will not be able to protect the indigenous people. This was the convener of the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System, YK Dhiren while taking part in the discussion programme organised on January 17 at Manipur Press Club to mark one year completion of the ILP being enforced in Manipur. It is along the observation of YK Dhiren that the JCILPS has recommended to the State Government to give more teeth to the ILPS enforced in the State. It is not yet clear how the State would respond and it is also equally not clear whether the State Government will be in a position to add any clause to give more teeth to check the inflow of non-locals into the State of Manipur. What however should be amply clear is the fact that the Manipur continues to draw a large number of non-locals into the State. The pull factor is indeed very strong and apart from the cordial atmosphere under which non-locals can work here, it stands that a huge vacuum has been created in the labour market, giving just the right enough space for others to rush in and fill up. Vacuum plus the social practise of the people of Manipur, this is what has made the place such an attractive destination for many. A pleasant climate, not too hot and not too cold, a social system where labourers are not looked down upon, in fact a place where the man hiring the labourers does not hesitate to sit down together with them to have a cup of tea and a place where everyone is respected. This and the huge vacuum created in the labour market and Manipur emerges as the destination for many of the labourers where they can earn their living and live with a certain degree of dignity, something which would be hard to find in other parts of the country.
The social practise, that is a place where people are not graded according to their work, a place where no one hesitates to mix with others. These are all very positive traits and while this particular social practise should continue for the good of everyone, there is the serious need to study why huge vacuums should be created in the labour market for others to rush in and fill up. This is not the first time that The Sangai Express has touched on this subject and it will not be the last either, as long as non-locals continue to pour in and fill up the labour market. It is not that the locals here do not need to work. Take a look at the leiraks and leikais and one is sure to see so many youngsters simply wasting their time, doing nothing worthwhile at all. This is where a proper understanding of the dignity of labour becomes important. Let a subject matter be introduced in the school syllabus to teach the youngsters that no type of work lowers a man’s dignity as no work at all. Another point to be noted is for the locals to be more courteous and polite while dealing with customers. Not uncommon to see local salesmen failing to extend due courtesy to the customer, as if it will cost them anything. This is where people’s outlook towards work needs a thorough overhaul. ILP is a mechanism to regulate the inflow of non-locals and the real task of keeping outsiders away would lie in the locals themselves occupying the labour market and not creating any vacuum. This is a point which should not be overlooked at any cost.