Welcoming the new year - A message from mother nature

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Yes,my children !
This past year,
I know you had a hard time,
Combating the tiny 'Contagion',
Your own making.
Your perception,
Calling the contagion,
My revenge is evocative.
All through the ages,
I embrace you with all humility -
Young and old,good and bad.
What not I gave you ?
Whatever you do,
Did I do ever resist ?

You should realise,my children,
I have existed without you,
Ever since this planet was formed.
I don't need you,
But I'm indispensable to your survival.
It is your own sib -
Egocentric, arrogant ones,
who are going for self-annihilation,
Making this planet unlivable.
Exploitation, exploration and destruction,
And man - made constructs.
You have wounded me beyond recovery.
But I have no spite.
Despite my various distress signals,
You continue to destroy your own habitation.
It is time to call it a day.
For, I have got my right too.

Yes, my children !
Amid global restrictions and chaos,
I know you carry with you,
A baggage full of grief, worry and despair...
But I tell you my children,
It is our own world,
The same Earth existing over generations.
If you accept your mistakes,learn lessons,
And make amends
Conserve, preserve and protect,
My ecosystems.
I forgive you all,
For, I remain as a mother,
A saviour for you all.
I welcome you all to this new year,
Different from previous years,
And I bless you all
With peace, prosperity and good health.